Commercial Vehicle Services Paoli, Pennsylvania

We offer the same service as a dealer. Having your vehicle serviced at Larkin Automotive Service will not void your warranty.

We service all makes and Models of cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans, 4 x 4’s and employ ASE Certified Technicians.

We are an approved AAA Auto Repair Facility. We will recommend corrective and maintenance services and explain to you which of these is required and which are for preventative maintenance.

To make an appointment please call 610-644-1920.

Annual Inspection

Your vehicles annual inspection ensures the State of Pennsylvania that it is continuing to run at the highest level of safety and performance. The sticker in your windshield is there for a reason and, when it is up, it means it’s time to bring your car into the shop. The Technicians at Larkin Auto Repair will complete a thorough inspection to warrant the safety of your vehicle, identify and solve all of your vehicle’s issues and return your newly inspected vehicle in a timely manner with a shiny new sticker.

Brakes & Alignments

All drivers expect their vehicle to get them to their destination safely. Properly working brakes are required for safe travel. Squeaking, grinding and bouncing during these travels can indicate issues with your vehicle’s brakes. Traveling on bad brakes can also wear your tires and introduce problems with your vehicles alignment.

There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing a bumpy ride including wear of tires due to driving frequency, the type of brake pads and other typical wear items. If you are experiencing any issues, let the technicians at Larkin Auto Services use their knowledge to check your brakes, tires and alignments that guarantees safe travels .

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled car maintenance can sustain the value and performance of your vehicle over its lifetime. The majority of car and truck owners neglect their vehicles until they are up for an inspection or experience a serious problem. Regularly taking your vehicle in for a check-up can prevent costly problems and keep your vehicle running safely. Monthly checks of oil level, tire pressure, coolant and hose and belt wear should be performed as well as quarterly year inspections of the battery, oil filter, air filter, windshield wipers, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Other components of your vehicle should be inspected every six months such as headlights, brake lights, horn, turn signal, brakes, exhaust system, shock absorbers and struts. Keep a car calendar for scheduled maintenance and call Larkin Auto for regular vehicle check-ups.

Fleet Maintenance

Larkin Auto Services have been managing fleet accounts for almost 50 years.  It doesn’t matter if you have a group of taxis, limos, mail trucks, pick-ups or other vehicles. The expert technicians at Larkin Auto Service can work on your business fleet for all inspections, maintenance, alignments or other mechanic related problems.  If you’re looking for a business to trust for all your fleet services needs, call Larkin Auto Service today!